SkyBridge Lofts is a namesake of Bercy Chen Studio’s main architectural feature. Supported by the multi-level fitness center, a group of suspended lofts create a bridge connecting either side of the community. The result feels light and spacious as it ties the community together.



Natural Modern Design:  SkyBridge Lofts demonstrates a strong commitment to creating innovative designs based on environmentally sustainable and financially viable business models.  At SkyBridge Lofts, you'll see the use of many innovative and sustainable materials in harmony with natural materials.

Private Garages:  Most units include their own private, connected garage.

Exterior Terraces:  Enjoy the views from your private terrace. All units include one or more private terraces.

Operable Low-E Windows:  Low thermal emissivity windows will help keep your unit energy efficient.

Exterior Architectural Panels:  The exterior of SkyBridge Lofts is comprised of state-of-the art technology. These materials not only provide an outstanding and attractive modern look, but also contribute towards each loft’s energy efficiency, sustainability, and low maintenance, which translates into lower HOA fees.

Appliances:  All units will be equipped with modern, energy efficient appliances.

Flexible Loft Design:  Each of the 24 unique loft plans consists of a large, open-space living area ideal for creative and live/work environments.

9-Foot Ceiling Height:  The open floor plans are accentuated with 9-foot ceilings throughout each unit.



SkyBridge Lofts is a green community that incorporates many energy-efficient features and products:

Water Efficiency: Water-efficient shower heads and commodes help reduce the water requirements of each loft. 

Light Pollution & Energy Efficiency: Reflectors found in the Dark Sky streetlights decrease upward light pollution while increasing the amount of light directed downward to ground level.  This reduces the energy required to produce the necessary area lighting and saves up to 42% of the energy costs. This too translates into lower HOA fees.

High Energy-Efficient HVAC System: 1.5 – 3 ton, high energy efficient 15 SEER Heat Pumps translates into low electric bills for the homeowners.

Energy Efficient Windows: To significantly reduce the transfer of exterior heat via the window frames, SkyBridge Lofts includes Energy Star® compliant windows. 

Weatherization Package: Weatherization is the practice of making a building more energy efficient by sealing its exterior against wind and precipitation, and protecting its interior from heat and cold.  By caulking and sealing all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside, each homeowner will enjoy lower annual heating and cooling bills.

Reflective Radiant Barrier: SkyBridge Lofts includes a radiant barrier under the roof decking, which substantially reduces the temperature in the attics and the heat that transfers to the lofts in the summer, as well as reflects the heat attempting to leave, back into the lofts in the winter, thereby reducing the amount of cooling or heating required.

Energy Star Appliances: Appliances account for nearly 20 percent of the average household’s energy use. Energy Star appliances typically offer enhanced performance and durability, improved design and advanced technologies.